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How to embed an Instagram post

It is possible to embed Instagram posts, pictures, and videos on your web page or a blog post. When users want to show off something on Instagram by embedding in their blog or site, they have to follow some steps listed below. Also, be aware that when you insert one of your Instagram posts (no matter pictures or videos), anyone with a link to that Instagram post will have access to it. Besides, depending on how the users set it up, they may have more or less control over the way Instagram displays on their blog or site. Here are a few suggestions on how to do it:

Step 1 - First of all, users have to go to their Instagram account. Both the Instagram app and desktop browser can be used to do that. Note that, log-in is not required here, so the users can directly embed any posts even without logging in an Instagram account.

Step 2 - Then, navigate to the post that you wish to embed into your blog post or website. To do so, first, you should click on the post to expand it.

Step 3 - After that, click on the [ ⋯ ] icon (see the picture below), which is at the bottom right side. Once you click this button, you will immediately notice the three dots icon, next to the comment box.

Step 4 - Next, select the [ Embed ] button from the pop-up menu (see the picture below). Now, you will be able to see the HTML code in a new pop-up window. To remove the caption from the selected post, you can uncheck the include caption box.

Step 5 - Then, copy the embed code. You have to hit the [ Copy Embed Code ] button to copy it to your clipboard.

Then you have to highlight the HTML code, right-click, and finally hit [ Copy option ] button.

Step 6 - At the final stage, you have to paste the embed code into your website or blog post. After that, you will immediately see the embedded Instagram post on your blog or website.

What to consider while embedding Instagram posts

Users can get a public Instagram video or photo post to embed HTML code and then to use it to embed the post on other blog posts or websites. All embedded Instagram posts automatically resize to fit their container, which means, they will look great on both mobile version apps or your desktop. When people own their Instagram account and content in it, each embedded post will give proper attribution by displaying the owner's username of that particular post as well as the link to the post owner's feed. To get an Instagram post's embedded HTML code, click its "Embed Button" or query the [ GET /o embed ] endpoint. You can also query the [ GET /p/{post-url}/media ] parameter to get a thumbnail image of your preferred post, but you should provide content owner attribution if you do in that way.

While embedding Instagram posts, you must consider some limitations. The endpoints, namely: [ GET /o embed ] and [ GET /p/{post-url}/media ], are only meant to be used for embedding Instagram posts on apps or websites. Note that they can not be used for any other purpose. Using media content and metadata (or their derivations) right from the APIs for any purpose other than providing a front-end view of the content is strictly prohibited. That prohibition encompasses extracting, consuming, manipulating, or persisting the media content and metadata, but not limited to, deriving information about Instagram posts from the metadata for further analytics purposes.

How to embed an Instagram feed and what are the main benefits to do so

One of the widely used methods for marketers to reach out to their target audience is through social media platforms. Instagram is one such platform that helps its users bridge the gap between these two parties, and besides, it helps growing its users' base at a rapid rate. Instagram generally serves marketing purposes, even outside of its app. As the platform develops, more and more users enjoy looking through Instagram content and feed on web browsers. Indeed, developers have started to embed company Instagram posts and feed directly on the blogs and websites. Adding an Instagram feed to a blog post or website can help users get aware of the lifestyle of your brand and improve your social media reach for those that did not, most importantly, know that a company has an Instagram account.

Some benefits are embedding Instagram feed to your website or a blog post, which brings for you. Instagram photos, videos, IGTV, and stories allow users to expand their social media reach. Besides, it can help its users to gain far more followers while increasing impact and visibility for their Instagram posts. According to recent statistics, 5 % of users on Instagram take action right after being inspired by a post. That action might involve shopping, searching, visiting the website, or even sending it to friends. Regardless of the action, only a 5% conversion rate is better than the most online marketing activities can return.

By driving traffic to any company's social media platforms, the users work intending to increase the brand's overall influence, which then helps to build long-term customers and relationships. Embedding a business's Instagram feed or full content on your website is quite enticing attraction, especially for regular customers to continually update them on new services and products. From another perspective, embedding Instagram feed can act as a portfolio of sorts to direct prospects by giving visual aids and examples of what a user sells.

Overall, an Instagram account can help a user's brand or website to build a sharper image and grow trust with their customer base. The visual nature of Instagram also encourages users to create a user-generated feed for brands to repost and feature on their feed. If you are still not convinced that investing in Instagram and displaying an Instagram feed and posts on your websites, start to think about how it can help you increase the authenticity and credibility of your brand, blog post, or site. Adding an Instagram feed on your website will immediately show that you have a strong and consistent social media business presence

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